ASA Advanced Course

Coming this October…New two-day course from the Australia Shipowners Association, presented by Chris McGuire. 

A Ship's Life: From Shipyard to Ship Breakers and Everything in Between 
Broaden Your Knowledge While Shortening Your Learning Curve 

Whether employee or stakeholder, in order to be competitive in today’s shipping industry, it pays to acquire as much knowledge as possible to maximize the value you bring to all those you work with. This course is designed for experienced staff, company owners and shipping regulatory bodies.

Who Should Attend?

  • Vessel crewing personnel
  • Maritime lawyers
  • Maritime regulatory organisations
  • Port operators
  • Port service providers
  • Ship owners
  • Ship brokers 

Course Deliverables

At the conclusion of this two-day course, participants will have gained advanced knowledge of how ship's are built, operated and retired in various shipping industry scenarios as well as why commercial decisions are made and the implications of the local and global regulatory regimes that operate. Participants will also receive a continuous learning certificate. 

Course presentation format is:

  • practically oriented with real-life case studies, and includes a live port visit
  • delivered by someone who has worked on and managed ships
  • presented via lecture mode with multi-media presentations
  • interactive, with several group discussions
  • backed by extensive course notes which enable participants to immediately apply what they’ve learned.

Course Overview

A wide range of shipping operations rely on workers understanding many aspects of the industry, and naturally, their own particular specialty areas. In this course, we take a look at the typical life-span of a ship, a departure from the normal training curriculum but no less important.  

There is a tremendous amount of “red tape” and “behind-the-scenes” activities and logistics that make up the world of shipping. But wading through it all isn’t always easy, no matter how long you’ve been in the business. Together, we will explore the operational, financial, legal, policy, and commercial factors that drive the industry today.  

Course Outline

1. Ship Building

What are the commercial decisions behind building ships? From vessel design and contracts to watching a new ship being launched, we'll cover the different stages of the building process. 

2.  Vessel Machinery and Equipment

You don't have to be a mechanic to understand vessel machinery and equipment. We will take a look at the basic requirements and differences on various types of ships, from the engine room to the cargo hold and the bridge. 

3.  Vessel Budgets

Keeping costs to a budget is always challenging when you work with the unpredictability the ocean and weather can wreak on a ship cargo run. We will walk you through the costs involved in running a vessel, including crewing, maintenance, bunkers, lubricants, consumables, etc. 

4.  Finding Work for the Vessel

There are a myriad of uses for shipping vessels. We'll cover the most popular from charterparties, pooling, what brokers do, paying charter fees, and vessel sale and purchase. 

5.  Port Operations

Taking a vessel into port is no small feat. Learn who is involved in port calls, what they do and how. We'll also cover how to deal with local legislation, government and commercial interests, port management and the cost of port visits. 

6.  Port Visit

A special part of this training includes a visit to one of Melbourne's working berths.   

7.  Shipping Standards

No matter where they are, any ship transiting the sea and arriving in port has to follow certain protocols. Learn about statutory and commercial requirements like Flag state, Classification Society, Rightships, OCIIMF, CDI, etc. 

8.  The End of a Ship's Life

All ships have a time span to live. When it comes time to deal with the end of a ship's life, there are many things to consider, e.g. the environment, commercial considerations, etc. We'll show you several examples of how the end is handled and why. 


About Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire has 18 years experience in the maritime industry, including 12 at sea as a deck officer. He is knowledgeable in onboard shipping operations and ship management as well as ship ownership.

For the past six years, Chris has worked in the Australian and international ship area and is passionate about training today's maritime workforce, executives and various maritime authorities.

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